AB 32 cap-and-trade policies will have a detrimental impact on California’s jobs market, the state’s fuel supply and will lead to a significant increase in fuel costs.

Join us in supporting practical policies to meet our greenhouse gas reduction without further harming our state’s fragile economy.

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New polling data shows Californians are wary of the potential January 1, 2015 impacts of climate change policy on their everyday lives.

The results of two new surveys clearly demonstrate most Californians know little to nothing about the California Air Resources Board’s cap-and-trade program or the planned January 2015 expansion of CARB’s cap-and-trade program to [...]

San Francisco Chronicle,  by David R. Baker

In California’s fight against global warming, consumers may soon suffer their first hit.

Come January 2015, gasoline and other fuels will for the first time fall under the state’s cap-and-trade system for reining in greenhouse gas emissions. Prices at the pump could rise as a result.

Until now, the state’s efforts [...]

 July 16, 2014


From:     EMC Research

Re:         Public attitudes about expansion of cap and trade program to fuels

EMC Research is pleased to provide the following summary and key findings of recent public opinion we conducted for Western States Petroleum Association on the subject of expanding California’s cap [...]

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