Extensive, independent research shows that the implementation of current AB 32 policies will have a detrimental impact on California’s jobs market, the state’s fuel supply and will lead to a significant increase in fuel costs.

Join us in supporting practical policies to meet our greenhouse gas reduction without further harming our state’s fragile economy.

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Reports & Research

Understanding the Impact of AB 32 BGG

The Boston Consulting Group was engaged to conduct a comprehensive study to better understand the impacts AB 32 regulations will have on fuel markets, businesses, consumers and the California economy.

Additional Report

The Fiscal and Economic Impact of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB32) by Andrew Chang & Company LLC for California Manufacturers & Technology Association

California Fuel Facts Blog & News

Stay informed about California fuel policies, including the most research recent reports and information.

Orange County Register Commentary: Even with the good news about California’s at least temporarily balanced budget, the state’s economic footing is still tenuous. Unemployment remains high, especially in the less-affluent inland areas, and the state has yet to deal fully with unfunded public-employee pension liabilities. There remains much to do on jobs and the economy.


Watch the News 10 video here.  In a private and somewhat secret event on Tuesday, Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed state budget inched a little more towards balance… or further towards a multi-million dollar hole created by what’s turned out to be relatively low demand for greenhouse gas pollution credits.

It was the second of [...]

Read the Stillwater Associates Report HERE.

Last fall, gasoline prices in California shot up to record levels.  Some service stations in Southern California reportedly either ran out of fuel or stopped selling fuel.  And this all was occurring at a time when crude oil prices and U.S. national average prices were [...]