About Us

The Western States Petroleum Association supports the goals established by AB 32 and is a committed partner in California’s climate change solutions.

Extensive, independent research shows that the implementation of current AB 32 policies will have a detrimental impact on California’s jobs market, the state’s fuel supply and will lead to a significant increase in fuel costs.

We will work with the state’s elected leaders, regulators, environmental advocates and business community to encourage the redevelopment of AB 32 regulations to avoid disruptive and costly impacts on California’s businesses and consumers.


California Fuel Facts is dedicated to providing facts about California’s transportation fuel markets and a platform for a responsible discussion about how the state can achieve its climate change objectives without unduly disrupting those markets.

California fuel providers (petroleum refiners) have become increasingly concerned that recently adopted policies designed to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions could have significant unintended consequences that will disrupt fuel markets.

We believe California can and should continue to play a leadership role on climate change polices. But to do so successfully, we must begin now to chart a new course for achieving emission reductions without unnecessary fuel market disruptions.